Though there may be some correlation, “bleed” does not refer to the blood-letting that occurs when your computer crashes just before you save your last four hours of work. Rather, a bleed happens when you require your printed image to extend beyond the finished trim size of the paper. Even a fine line that runs off the page is called a bleed. In many cases a bleed requires that the page be printed oversize so that the bleed has something to print on. This will ensure the cleanest bleed edge. Because of the larger sheet size required, bleeds usually cost more.

It is also a good idea to keep all critical information within the "safe" area, well away from where trim lines, binding edges etc, may detract from readability and a quality finished product.

Large solids can also add expense and must be handled carefully. If you wish to utilize a large solid, call us for some tips. Used correctly they can really enhance your printed piece.