Graphic Design, Layout and Website Creation. . . services that will take your ideas from concept to print or web-ready

Our graphics team combine a variety of skills and a wealth of experience to fit whatever challenge you face. Equipped with both Mac and PC platforms and the latest Adobe Suite software, our team can work from your files or start from scratch.


  • Photos for print purposes
  • Graphics & drawings for inclusion in designs
  • Blue prints/engineered drawings, maps
  • Small (up to 11 x 17) on flat scanner
  • Large (up to 36" wide x any length) on a roll scanner
  • Documents in colour or black & white, for print or storage, any quantity of pages
  • Scan to email so you can send your image
  • Referral (if we can't accommodate we will try to steer you to the right
    solution for your needs)

Related Services

  • Photo colour correction
  • Digital photo restoration & splicing
  • Vectorizing of bit-mapped images
  • Ask: if you don't see it listed, please inquire

Logos & Design

  • From ideas to completion
  • Brand continuity
  • Marketing pieces 
  • Design and Layout


  • Simple "Landing Sites" to complex designs
  • Tailored to your budget
  • Hosting & editing services
  • WordPress options