With today's technology almost any print job can be supplied as a digital file. This is the prefered format to provide for best reproduction. The best type of file depends on the content and final intent of your piece. If any doubt contact us ahead of time, or refer to the "send a file" page.

Whenever possible supply a printout of your artwork along with your digital file so we know what it is supposed to look like, particularly if it is to be colour separated. If you are providing "native files" in the program that they were created in, then also supply a pdf of the files for comparison. Call us first if you plan to supply artwork on disk, to make sure it will be compatible. There will be instructions on how to save the job files that will be critical.

Position and copy should be correct on your final file. Proof your work several times before you bring it in. You do not want to find out after your work has been produced that you forgot something vital. (like your phone number––don’t laugh, it happens!)
Things like folds and perforations should be experimented with and correctly aligned with the copy before coming to us. Trim out and fold a sample to be absolutely sure. Don’t assume your program automatically does it correctly. You’d be surprised how many brochures we receive where the fold runs right through the edge of the type.